Friday, February 29, 2008

Around The Dinner Table - Parent Support Forum
I credit this parent-support forum for saving my son. So, please forgive my bias here. When my son was first diagnosed, I had almost no information about treating him. I had only what my son's very unaware pediatrician and his therapist to give me any information. We have loved our therapist, but even he wasn't up-to-date on the eating disorder's field. Our son's weight continued to decrease and his health continued to decline. I found this forum in mid-November, and started to learn about the current research on treating anorexia. We immediately changed the treatment approach. Within a week of finding this site, we found hope for the first time as my son began to recover.

It is a straight-forward forum with parents from all over the world. It is a moderately active community. If I post a question, I usually have several responses within a couple of hours. Laura Collins, author of "Eating With Your Anorexic" is the moderator of the site. She doesn't allow sufferers to post and seems to watch over the forum carefully. The parents are highly supportive. Exchanges are very warm and there is no blame cast. There are several parents (including Laura), whose children have recovered, that frequent the site. Their ideas and perspective are invaluable. This forum highly advocates working as a family to help your child to recover. They also explore current research and discuss changing inaccurate perceptions of anorexia.

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