Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Eating With Your Anorexic (Book)

(Laura Collins)

I just finished this book last week. Laura Collins always seems to find a way to say things exactly the right way. I found the book to be engaging and real. By the end of the book, I felt like Laura really understood me and all of our experiences as we have treated our son. I felt like she challenged many of the current problems in treating anorexia with mostly her mother's instinct. I personally think she was right on the mark. I'd like to have her courage and influence in speaking out and changing inaccurate perceptions of what anorexia is and what it isn't.

The book describes her journey as she and her husband try to help their daughter with anorexia. Initially they encounter many of the old ways of treating anorexia. Because these treatments run counter to their parental instincts they continue to read research and explore possible treatment methods. Ultimately they discover family-based treatment which encourages parental involvement and doesn't place blame. As they change the way they approach their daughter's disease, she responds and recovers quickly. They encounter a lot of resistance because this approach is new. And though the science and research back it up, many struggle to see anorexia, parents and patients differently.

Here is an Amazon link to her book: Eating With Your Anorexic

I also found it available at half.com and alibris.com (with faster shipping times).

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